Getting started

Simple instruction of using ADAPTER

Step zero

Download and install:

ADAPTER (unzip in C:\Adapter\)



Step one

1. Export with cordova in Construct2

2. Check that there is only English symbols in project files.

3. Uncheck Manify Script

Step two

1. Create 4 icons for your apk with following resolutions 192, 144, 96, 72, 48, 36 pixels

2. Replace them into \projects\PROJECT_NAME\Android\icons folder

Step three

1. Open left menu and press "+" to create new project

2. Enter project name

3. Press "Save new project" to save project

Step four

1. Choose your project in project list

2. Choose platform in main top menu

Step five

1. Enter app name (Do not use special symbols, eg ' " `)

2. App version - app version (1.0.0 at example)

3. App ID - package name as com.companyname.appname. AppID must start from "com".

4. Orientation - orientation of your application (landscape or portrait)

5. Fullscreen or not

Step six

1. Press "Open" button in ADAPTER and place there your export from Construct2

2. Press "Save" in main top menu to save changes.

Step seven

1. Press "Build" in main top menu to start building apk

2. After that program will not respond and there will be a message in console "Starting build"

4. After a few minutes ADAPTER will show popup message about a result of building.

Step eight

If everything is ok open builds folder. There should be two apk files:

- app.apk (not signed, you must sign it with your key and then you can upload it to the app store)

- app.for_test.apk (signed with test key, only for testing)

Then you need to sign app.apk (watch this from 1:55)

Additional info

1. if there are three files or no apk files at all look through F.A.Q. page or contact us [email protected]

2. Use GooglePlayGames ID only if you have cocoon gpg plugin

3. List of supported plugins you can read at Download page